Coach Neil's

7 Keys to Confidence

Using sport as it’s vehicle, the Pocket Rockets mission is creating the confidence and self belief in kids to overcome life’s challenges with a proprietary methodology called The 7 Keys to Confidence.



A child’s connection with a teacher or coach is foundational and can be life changing. With decades of coaching experience with thousands of kids, everything about the Pockets Rockets program maximises our ability to connect and have a positive influence on the child. We believe to see the child for who they are with complete acceptance and presence, creates the perfect environment for the child to progress their development and thrive.



A little dance where a trusting relationship begins to form. The more trusting the relationship is, the more the child is willing to engage. Patience is required to create an environment the child feels safe enough not only to engage fully, but have the freedom and desire to engage wholeheartedly. A child can sense the subconscious agenda of another very well so being completely authentic in our approach to coaching helps us to form trusting relationships and is why we have been successful for so long.



Introducing the right challenge for the developmental level of the child is paramount while delivering the challenge in an exciting, enthusiastic way helps maintain the connection and engagement. Knowing the children in the program at depth and not just by name, alows us to organise our classes carefully and progress children into more advanced classes appropriately. This also means the child has the greatest opportunity to learn all those invaluable life lessons sport can provide.



Lets face it fear is a player in everybody’s life. However we get to decide how much! Giving the child the ability to breakthrough or even eliminate fear sometimes requires a complex process that we are well equipped for. Implementing the correct technique to help a child in that specific moment of need is critical and something we’re always conscious of. To help as many kids as possible ‘Experience Life Without Fear’ has become our mission and is at the core of everything we do at Pocket Rockets.



Passion plus perseverance equals success. We create an environment the child has passion for, however to cultivate perseverance requires encouragement to be delicately applied to the particular child and situation. It’s also where all the action is so timing is very important as it can be very fast paced and on the run. Blink and you’ll miss the opportunity, but it is so important for a child’s development.



It might seem easy however we believe when a child overcomes a challenge, it’s important to apply the appropriate amount of acknowledgement in that accomplishment to maximise the willingness and speed at which they take on the next challenge. The goal here in life is to be self motivated as much as possible and not require external acknowledgement and praise in order to accomplish a goal. Humility will ultimately derive from here however we believe appropriate acknowledgement is the key for children.



Cultivating a belief that they’re the best, they will succeed, they will win, or they can achieve whatever they want is not the goal here. In life we need the ability to put our whole selves forward no matter the challenge. Once we have the capacity to accept or reject any challenge in the absence of fear, we can truly say we experience life without fear regardless of results and true confidence is born.

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