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“Pocket Rocket Sports is fantastic! Coach Neil has the children completely engaged for the whole session and the variety of sports played has meant our children have acquired many new skills very quickly. Highly recommended to all parents of energetic young children!”

— Lynette Batch

“How Fantastic Is Pocket Rockets. My Son Nicholas loves it. Every Saturday morning at 9am Nicholas puts on his hat and his footy boots and runs off to join Neil and James with all the excitement Pocket Rockets has install. I can’t speak highly enough about Neil and James who are amazing with the kids. Come and See how much the children love it and how happy it makes them. You won’t be disappointed.”

— Simone and Nicholas Hayes

“Connor has really enjoyed his time with Pocket Rocket Sports! He’s been developing his confidence and sporting skills. The instructors are friendly and skilled at keeping the kids engaged and Connor always leaves happy and saying he loves it. It would be fun for anyone, but kids will definitely enjoy it the most!”

— Stuart Henderson

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